Click on the links in the map above for turn-by-turn directions provided by Google Maps.

Parking at the Emory University Catholic Center

Limited free parking is available at the Catholic Center in the parking lot behind the house for short term visitors. If all the spots are taken, additional free parking is available next door at the University Inn, but you must pick up a parking pass from our office and place it in your car.

Throughout the year, we also rent parking spots along the edge of our driveway. If you are interested in renting a parking spot, please contact our office manager.

Parking for Cannon Chapel at Emory University

The Oxford Parking Deck is the closest parking deck to Cannon Chapel, located next to Emory Village with access off of both Dowman Road and Oxford Road. This deck is free on the weekend and after 7 PM during the week. You will need to take a ticket to park here even during "free parking" hours.

The Fishburne Parking Deck on North Decatur Road and the Peavine Parking Deck on Eagle Row are further away from Cannon Chapel. They are free on the weekends and after 5 PM during the week. You will need to take a ticket to park here even during "free parking" hours.

Parking is also available on Dickey Road in front of the Ethics building on the weekends. Parking either here or at the Peavine Parking Deck will require walking up a decent sized set of stairs.