Catholic Studies Minor Program

The Catholic Studies Minor or Concentration is for students who want to learn about the rich intellectual and cultural traditions of the Roman Catholic Church during the past two millennia and study their impact on western thought.

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True to the Emory mission of building "on our heritage of engaging knowledge and faith," (1) The CS minor is an academic program, without confessional stance or episcopal oversight, driven thoughout by the same spirit of indpendent scholarly inquiry Emory faculty have brought to the study of other religions and faith traditions.

As Emory President James Wagner recently observed, (2) religion and higher education in America have for too long existed in self-contained spheres, with little or no interaction. Emory is different in that we seek to move religion to the foreground of academic conversation, where it can be discussed openly and seriously. In this way, the CS minor provides an opportunity for anyone interested in the interdisciplinary study of religion, but also for Catholic students who want to learn more about their faith in the broader context of their liberal arts education.

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(2) James W. Wagner, "From the President," Emory Aumni Magazine, Spring 2006