CRS Ambassador Program

The CRS Student Ambassador program at Emory University is part of a national community of students committed to advancing global justice, peace, and human dignity. As a CRS Student Ambassador, you will engage the Emory University campus in learning about and acting on global emergencies and injustices through:

  • awareness campaigns
  • prayer services
  • candlelight vigils
  • faith-sharing groups
  • legislative advocacy
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • CRS Rice Bowl
  • CRS Fair Trade
  • CRS Helping Hands



Fair Trade Sale

More than fifteen years ago, the Church Affairs unit of Catholic Relief Services began encouraging Catholics in the United States to buy fairly traded crafts through a singular partnership with SERRV. Presently, through a network of more than a dozen partners across our five regions, the CRS Fair Trade program annually sells more than $2 million dollars of crafts, coffee, and chocolate by engaging tens of thousands of Catholics in fair trade opportunities to pray, learn, buy, sell and give.

CRS Student Ambassador programs are invited to participate as partners in the CRS Fair Trade program, and we sell various goods leading up to Christmas each year in the Dobbs University Center (DUC) and after our Sunday Masses!


Hunger Banquet

The Oxfam Hunger Banquet is a memorable, interactive event that brings hunger and poverty issues to life. After 40 years, this volunteer-led effort is still going strong—and has changed hundreds of thousands of lives. The CRS Student Ambassador program at Emory University partners with other student organizations to provide this unique experience for students at Emory University each year. Draw a ticket and expand your world by attending the Oxfam Hunger Banquet!


Lenten Rice Bowls

Every Lent, Catholics in the United States do something amazing. Their prayers, fasting, and almsgiving become lifesaving aid for millions of individuals living in conditions of poverty around the world. The hungry are fed; the thirsty are given drink; the homeless find shelter. And this has been going on for more than 40 years. That’s the impact of CRS Rice Bowl. That’s how what you give up for Lent can change lives. A simple cardboard box—a CRS Rice Bowl—inspires prayers, fasting, and almsgiving within Catholic families across the U.S., and delivers hope to millions around the world.

CRS Rice Bowl is Catholic Relief Services‘ Lenten faith-in-action program for families and faith communities.

Through CRS Rice Bowl, we hear stories from our brothers and sisters in need worldwide, and devote our Lenten prayers, fasting, and gifts to change the lives of the poor. Driven by our faith, we are committed to helping those in need no matter where they may live. In that spirit:

75 percent of your gift supports CRS’ programs around the world. Some examples include:

  • Agriculture projects help farmers improve harvests
  • Water and sanitation projects bring clean water to communities
  • Microfinance projects support small businesses
  • Mother and child health projects offer health and nutrition services
  • Education projects provide resources and training

25 percent of your donations go to hunger and poverty alleviation efforts in the Atlanta area.