Awakening Retreat

Chattanooga Awakening #4 (February 17-19, 2017) - SIGN UP HERE!

The Awakening Retreat is a Catholic faith retreat program open to everyone, regardless of faith background, interested in building a relationship with God. The retreat is based loosely on the Cursillo and Search retreat models, and it is great way to meet life-long friends as well as reawaken a sense of God's love in our lives.

The Awakening Retreat is an overnight weekend retreat for college students. The staff of the retreat consists of students currently enrolled at Emory University as well as other universities throughout the greater Atlanta area, and the purpose of the Awakening Retreat is to provide an opportunity for students to discover and rediscover God in their lives through shared experiences.

The success of the Awakening Retreat is dependent on the witness talks that are shared by students. There is a discovery of how God has worked in lives through the challenges of living a life like a Christian, unveiling the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and exploring ways to pray.

The greatest joy about the Awakening retreat is the opportunity for community building. The Awakening Retreat provides life-long friendships that enable students to know they have a community that prays and supports them throughout their time at Emory University and beyond.

Awakening Retreat History

The first Awakening retreat was held at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1974. As the retreat's popularity grew, additional schools began to adopt the retreat model. Currently, Awakening retreats are running in approximately 40 universities in the United States. The Catholic community at Texas A&M University hosts the longest-running Awakening retreat program in the country (they have had 107+ consecutive Aggie Awakenings!). Here in Atlanta, we just completed our 7th consecutive Awakening Retreat!

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