Wonderful Wednesdays

Wednesdays are wonderful at Emory College, thanks to Wonderful Wednesdays. For many years, Emory College held no classes on Wednesdays; that’s no longer true, but the day remains special. These days, Wonderful Wednesdays encourage school spirit by attracting the entire Emory community to gather at Asbury Circle on Wednesday afternoons.

Each week a different campus organization sponsors the event and may assign a theme. Wonderful Wednesdays of the past have featured a petting zoo, a bouncy castle (c'mon, they’re not just for kids!) and an ice-cream tasting. Some include live music or dance performances. Occasionally they’re more practical. For instance, a recent event showcased volunteer opportunities. But they’re always wonderful. And they’re always on Wednesday!

Look for event details in the weekly bulletin and Mass announcements or check out our calendar of events for the full schedule of our activities!