It is with great joy that I welcome you to Atlanta!

The University Catholic Center, located across the street from the Emory University Law School at 1753 North Decatur Road, is our pride and joy - not only because it's a wonderful space, but because it is where Catholic students have gathered for decades to form lasting friendships and find numerous ways to draw closer to Jesus through their Catholic faith.

We are blessed to have an outstanding Catholic student community, propelled forward by the inspiration, ideas, interests, gifts, and talents of new students year after year. We welcome you to join us at one of our many ongoing events and hope that you become involved in the student leadership council which takes a large, active role in planning the vast majority of our events.

We also benefit from having many wonderful Catholic resources available to enhance your education and spiritual exploration and growth. 

I am Fr. John Boll, a Dominican priest of the Province of St. Martin De Porres. My religious community serves the Church in the southern U.S., and strives to support and develop communities of faith that understand and preach the Word of God joyfully through word and deed. 

Be sure to stop by!  We'd love to meet you in person! 

Fr. John Boll, O.P.