while There is no place like home, we hope to be a close second.

We know that college can be stressful. It can often be hard to find places on campus that are consistently available to study or relax outside of your dorm. The WiFi on campus is not always the most reliable when you're trying to submit that last minute paper or procrastinate working on it by watching Netflix. Sometimes you're hungry but you've used up your meal plan and you've got no cash to spend.

we've got what you're looking for at the University Catholic Center.

We always have plenty of comfortable space for you to study, relax, pray, or retreat from the hustle of campus life. There is a large, open living space in addition to several smaller study rooms. The chapel is always open and hosts noon Mass Monday through Thursday, with confessions before Mass. Our WiFi connection is fast and reliable. We have coffee, tea, and snacks always available, and there is often food in the fridge that can be whipped up into a meal. If you come by at the right time, the chaplain may just feed you lunch, too!