The Dominican Order, a Roman Catholic religious order founded by Saint Dominic de Guzman in France on December 22, 1216, was founded to preach the Gospel and combat heresy.  The Dominicans were at the forefront of intellectual life during the Middle Ages and produced many theologians, philosophers, and preachers.


Four Pillars

As a ministry of the Southern Province of the Dominican Order in the United States, the University Catholic Center is guided by four pillars of spirituality: community, prayer, study, and preaching. 

Community Life

Living and working in community provides opportunities for individuals to shape, support, and challenge one another. The University Catholic Center regularly provides students with opportunities to encounter Christ in fellowship.


Prayer is a reference point through which we encounter the living God and experience a deepening relationship with He who is beyond understanding. The University Catholic Center is a place of prayer and contemplation open to all. We provide opportunities for worship and prayer reflecting our Catholic heritage. We also welcome opportunities with members of other faith traditions to seek and appeal together to God for the good of all.


Study is the means by which we find God and deepen our understanding the Great Mystery, whose loving plan embraces all humanity. The University Catholic Center strives to empower young adults to face questions of faith and seek the truth. By doing so, we can better embrace our role of cooperation with God in caring for one another and the world in which we live. Students are also provided with an academic environment to study The Word of God and integrate their faith and life.


Preaching is profoundly who we are as persons and who we become by the way we serve others. As we serve, the Word of God is embodied in actions that preach the God of love. As God draws people into our community we share the good news we have experienced in Christ Jesus. Community, prayer, and study provide us with the confidence and wisdom needed to share the love of God through our words and actions.