Sunday Dinner Cooking Ministry

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help prepare our Sunday community dinners! We are blessed to have so many wonderful individuals who dedicate their time on Sundays throughout the school year to provide meals following the 6:00 PM evening Mass! It is individuals like yourself who allow us to continue providing fellowship on Sundays for members of our community.


How Many People

While preparing a meal for 60 students can seem overwhelming, there are plenty of tricks and tips we can pass along to help. It is also helpful to remember that the purpose of the meal is to provide a place for attendees of the 6 PM Mass to socialize and connect after Mass. To that end, the meals do not have to be gourmet. However, no one will turn a nice meal down if that is your specialty.   The food must be completely prepared “off-site,” since Cannon has no cooking facilities (and no water except for the restroom sinks!).

What to Cook

We accommodate vegetarian students by making sure that at least half of what we bring has no meat. The meat eaters enjoy the vegetarian offerings, but not the other way around! 


By prior arrangement, the campus minister will help you, but otherwise be prepared to carry the cooked meal from the parking lot. There is a cart available at Cannon Chapel for your use that can ease the trip from the car to the building. To access it, simply ask the student worker at Cannon Chapel to provide it to you.

Clean Up

Please bring all food in disposable aluminum trays if possible. You may use something other than the disposable trays if you wish, but if you do, please stay until the end of the meal to clear away all non-disposable items. You can use your own aluminum trays or pick up several from the Catholic Center prior to your cooking shift. There are also serving utensils available for your use at the Catholic Center as well.

More money than time?

You can help too! There are often several meals throughout the semester that are not covered by cooking teams. On these nights, we usually provide pizza, subs, or another simple meal, and your donation helps us to offset the cost of these meals. The average cost for pizza or similar is $150.

Sign Up!

Send an email to or call 404-636-7237 to sign up for a dinner!